Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weaver Birds

I used to do a lot of this style cross-hatching. It just always came natural to me even before I ever saw this style. I then found out my Grandfather used the style a lot, so I must have inherited it seeing as I was named after him ! He never got to see any of my art because he died when I was nine or ten. I'm sure he knows now though.


This is a sketch I did of my blogging friend Kim's dog, Sully. We all love Sully and look forward to his Illustration Friday adventures! Check out his blog at

Duck Soup

This was done for one of my Illustration Friday entries. I'm starting to love this little book! I think I'll give it away on my blog once it's filled.

My New Blog inspired by Moleskine!

I keep seeing blogs that show progress in Moleskine sketchbooks, so I thought "Why not?" You won't see anything fantastic here, but it sure is fun to drag out these little guys and fill them with creative exercises that help keep the fingers and mind limber. This is my first scribbling in it just to get it going. Comments are always welcome!