Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Nothing like a little hocus-pocus and up pops the crocus!! Such hardy little flowers. Nothing can stop them, not even another heavy snowstorm after they've bloomed. There's something to be said about perseverance! Onward and upward, into the light. Aahhh, the little things. Love 'em!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

IF : Heavy

"It's too bad you're so heavy dear, you have such a pretty face."

This was actually said to me a few years back. The lady who said it truly liked me and didn't say it to be mean. She passed away a couple of weeks ago. I wish I didn't have this memory of her, but sadly I do.

acrylics, postage stamps, colored pencils in my moleskine.

For Illustration Friday's prompt: Heavy

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ming-Wah's leap of faith, courage & trust

Some of you know that I'm a visiting nurse for pets. Well, Little Ming-Wah is one of my patients as well as my friend. On January 8th, Ming had spinal surgery (a hemi-laminectomy) on three ruptured discs as a result of degenerative disc disease. He's only four years old. This has left him partially paralyzed with no ability to use his back legs or go to the bathroom on his own. At first I was having to express his bladder three times daily as well as "gloving up" to help him with other eliminations. We also do exercises for his physical therapy several times daily to help build his strength for standing and hopefully, walking again. Ming never complains, always willing to do what we ask of him as long as there's a treat involved!

Ming's owner/Mom took a huge emotional and financial leap in making the decision to go through with the surgery knowing he may never walk again. She put her faith and trust in the doctors and people like myself who are involved in his ongoing care.

Every day, Ming continues to take an enormous leap of courage in this long recovery process, and each day he shows us how to handle every obstacle and challenge with amazing grace. I feel blessed to be called to help him and his mom, and I continue to learn from him every day.

New photos of Ming's progress HERE!

For Illustration Friday's prompt: Leap (see my other entry here)

acrylic, colored pencil, rubber stamps and collage in my Moleskine